First Post: Contemporary Influences

who / where / when: Alicia Theide, taken in 2011.  Taken somewhere outdoors.

what: Slightly blurry picture of a building.  Uses rule of thirds to add interest to the building instead of putting it dead center.  I don’t know how she got the colors how they are but it seems like a problem that turned out really cool.  There are white marks everywhere which again would be a technical issue but definitely add to the picture and the feel of the whole thing.  The contrast is pretty gray, not too defined.

why: I would think the artist took this picture to capture a moment.  It looks like it could be of some sort of historical building which would be something you would want to capture.  I get the feeling it wasn’t necessarily a photo shoot but rather a “I came upon an amazing photo!” moment.

how: The way she got the colors to turn out as they did was through a light leak in the camera.  The white parts could have been a filter possibly, but I’m not sure what else would cause that.

links: This is the link to the photo and to the artists Flickr.


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