Eighth Post: Personal Work

who / where / when: Audree Burrus, Cross Plains, WI, 2012

what: The two top photos use rule of thirds showing each side of her face.  Your eye is drawn to her ears/hair as they are the main focus because there is no face.  The bottom picture is of her feet which you are immediately drawn to visually.  I think overall the feet are most eye catching because the solarization worked best on that photo.

why: This was taken to show my sister, Halle.  It portrays the physical aspects  of her that define her.  I think the solarization making them darker photos make you think she is somewhat of a darker person.  Overall, the photos were taken to capture a person.

how: A 35mm film camera was used to take these shots.  All of the photos were solarized by developing the photo for 1 minute, exposing it to light, and then developing it for another minute.  I think this really adds to the feel of the photoset and makes it way more interesting than if the photos were presented normally.


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