Ninth Post: Contemporary Influences

who / where / when: Michael Tapp, Upper West Side NY, January 2012.  Taken of the Belvedere Castle in Central Park.

what: The reflection in this picture is awesome.  It emphasizes the rule of thirds of the castle on the far right of the photo.  I really like the tones of the photo too.  The lower vibrance makes you think it is sunrise rather than sunset, which gives the photo a more refreshing feel.

why: I think this photo was taken to document his moment in central park.  He probably put the castle all the way to the right so he could keep the sun somewhat out of the picture so it didn’t blow out the entire shot.  He has the same spacing between the flag and the end of the shot on both ends making the photo more symmetrical because it’s more aesthetically pleasing.

how: This photo was taken with an iPhone.  He possibly toned down the vibrance or added a filter to accentuate the soft tones.

links: Here is a link to the artist’s flickr and a link to the photo.


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