Eleventh Post: Personal Work

who / where / when: Audree Burrus, Cross Plains, WI, 2012

what: The added negative in all three photos follows the rule of thirds.  The leftmost has leading lines but the added negative attracts your eye to the “imagine” sign.  I think the bottom right photo is strongest because the textures are so different and the contrast is really good.  In all three there are air bubbles around the added negative which make it look like they were burned in there, a cool effect.

why: I feel like the “why” is the most lacking part of these photos.  I mostly took them just for the silhouette assignment, so there isn’t as big of a personal connection.  However, I think you definitely get the idea of mixed memories.  Taking part of a picture out and adding a different part gives you the idea of molding different experiences together making one beautiful product.  I also feel like they are really up to interpretation.

how: A 35mm film camera was used to take these shots.  I used a paper stamp to cut out stars in two negatives and then switching the stars so that each had a new part of a picture.  I then took packaging tape and put it over the whole negative so the star would stay in place and it made a slide that could easily be put in the enlarger.  Because the stars and the rest of the picture were different contrasts, I had to dodge all of them to get the contrast just right.  I also had to use a pretty hefty filter because of the difference in contrast.  This was definitely a more challenging project because of all the little things that had to be just right to make the picture come out well.  Although I do like the “imagine” one with the train tracks, the bicycle with the dog waste sign is my favorite, and I think it’s strongest.


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