Twelfth Post: Personal Work

who / where / when: Audree Burrus, Cross Plains, WI, 2012

what: All of the photos are fairly gray to emulate the washed out Carhartt ad.  The two top photos use rule of thirds to make them more interesting.  I like in the bottom right photo how the light hits the model and gives a cool outline.  In the middle left photo the focus of the photo is on the hat, however I wish the model’s face was more out of focus.  The bottom left also uses rule of thirds but I feel it is the grayest of the bunch and isn’t a very strong shot.  I wish I would have told the model to put on a different coat as the North Face logo is distracting from the Carhartt logo.  I think the fact that there’s two different logos makes it hard to tell what the ads are for, especially since the ads really could be for either one.

why: This photo set was taken to emulate a Carhartt ad I saw in Vman magazine.  I let the model pick the brand to shoot for so the shots would come more naturally.  This is the first shoot I’ve done of a full on person (instead of just body parts).  I think they turned out okay, but it’s definitely difficult to shoot people and to find the right angles to shoot from.  It was a good learning experience, but portraits are definitely not my favorite.

how: A 35mm film camera was used to take these shots.  I didn’t use any filters on them because it made them look extremely grainy.  Many of the shots were too dark as I didn’t use a long enough shutter speed, which actually wasn’t that terrible of a thing as the photos needed to be at least somewhat gray.


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