Fifteenth Post: Contemporary Influences

who / where / when: Andrew Kua, unsure where, 2008.

what: I feel the actual picture of the building is second to the idea of the negatives and the set up.  However, I do think the building is pretty cool and I think the lines are very pleasing.  I like how the whole photo is tinted blue because it adds to the negative effect.  The random line of negatives coming out of the bottom is sort of annoying, I think it would look better if there was a line going across the bottom instead of one jutting out.

why: This photo is very mysterious.  You can’t see the entire bottom half of the picture so you naturally look more to the sky (which is beautiful).  I feel the main point in the photo was the “coolness” of the negatives and the why of the actual photo is lost.

how: This photo was taken digitally and is a double exposure.  The photographer probably scanned the negatives and used them as one layer and then used the photo of the building as another layer.  There is a guide of how he did it on his blog, but unfortunately the link is blocked.  😦

links: Here is a link to the photo and a link to the photographer’s flickr.


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