Sixteenth Post: Contemporary Influences

who / where / when: rdtanseco (flickr name), outside, 2009.

what: The leaves are mostly in the middle of the photo and off to the right.  I like that there isn’t anything on the left because the unbalance makes it more interesting.  I really love the light leaks in this photo.  The vertical lines look really cool and it definitely brings out color in the brown leaves.  Without the light leaks it would be more of a dull photo.  The color in the background contrasts the warm colors in the leaves which looks lovely.  The clouds in the background add texture too, which makes the photo overall more interesting.  If it were just plain I think it’d be kind of boring.

why: The artist seemed to say the main reason of this photo was to experiment with light leaks.  I think it is more of a documenting photo rather than a story-telling one as I personally don’t really get a story from it.  I think it’s a pretty emotional photo though.  The bright reds and oranges make the leaves look like they’re on fire which is kind of angry, but the mellow background is completely the opposite.

how: This photo was taken digitally.  The artist used a light leak to create the vertical bright lines across the leaves.  The artist said they played with the curves and probably a few other things in photoshop as the colors are so intense, and lets be honest, it looks kind of fake.

links: Here is a link to the photo and a link to the photographer’s flickr.


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