Eighteenth Post: Contemporary Influences

who / where / when: Thomas Anderson, unsure of where, 2008.

what: The photo has a bunch of great colors in it.  There aren’t really any rules used as there is no subject, it’s abstract.  The photographer didn’t intentionally make anything how it is because of the nature of how the picture was taken.

why: I think the why is mostly just experimental.  “Let’s see what happens when I do this…” type of thing.  Although, when looking at it, you get the sense the picture is of some bacteria or something.  It looks like it’s a really close up shot of something, or under a microscope.

how: To get this shot, the photographer took a disposable camera and threw it in a pool for about a day.  After that he just took the disposable camera and took the pictures as normal.  The result was awesome abstract colors and the little black and orange spots all over the picture.

links: Here is a link to the photo and a link to the photographer’s flickr.


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