Seventeenth Post: Personal Work

who / where / when: Audree Burrus, Cross Plains WI, 2012.  Taken in my backyard.

what: The rule of thirds is used to draw your eye to the main focus of the photo, the mirror.  In addition, the mirror is a bit lighter than the rest of the shot which draws your eye to it even more.  I really like the difference in texture in the picture.  There is the clear flat sky contrasted with the grass and then the birch tree which all bring different textures to the photo.  Although, it’s not distracting from the main point of the shot.

why: I think these two photos definitely tell a story.  They show my sister looking in the mirror at her reflection, which isn’t her reflection, but her with a mask and a knife in a Michael Myers like fashion.  Her face when she looks at her reflection is kind of disgusted, which I like.  I was definitely thinking about the whole Michael Myers story when I took these, as I had just watched all eight movies with my sister.  In his story, he hates himself, which is why he wants to kill his whole family.  This really relates to the picture where she holds the knife up to her throat.  Killing herself because she hates herself.  And even when she looks at this reflection, her face is disgusted.

how: To take these photos, I set up a tripod in my backyard.  I put a mirror leaning up against the tree and my sister so that I could see her face normally and her reflection.  I made sure not to move the mirror (although I did forget and moved it slightly, which caused a few problems later in the darkroom…) so that everything would line up.  Then I took pictures of her normally, with a mask and knife, and some of just the mirror.  I then made a cover for the photo paper with mat board.  I cut out a shape the same size as the mirror and covered everything but the mirror while exposing one negative, and covered only the mirror while exposing another negative.  It proved to be pretty challenging, but I think I pulled it off alright.


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