Twentieth Post: Contemporary Influences

who / where / when: aubögte (flickr name), unsure where, 2007.

what: The photo is of a girl, it looks like near a beach.  Rule of thirds to position the girl.  The yellow ball in the middle almost seems like a burn mark, however the photo was taken digitally so I’m assuming they added it in in photoshop.  The colors are really amazing in this shot, I definitely get a 60’s feel from the colors and the gradient.

why: I think this photo tells a story.  As I said before, I definitely get that it’s some girl in the 60’s who ran away from home to live on the beach near SF.  The film border to me also adds to the 60’s effect and makes it look less digital (obviously).  The colors and gradient just give a psychedelic feel, again, adding to the whole 60’s thing.

how: The photo was taken digitally.  The photographer probably added the colors and gradient over the photo in photoshop using different layers.  I’m guessing the artist took a picture of a negative and put it over top of the photo, though I’m no photoshop expert.  It looks like the yellow ball was added over it too, possibly when the negative border was added.  I think it turned out really well.

links: Here is a link to the photo and a link to the photographer’s flickr.


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