Twenty-first Post: Personal Work

who / where / when: Audree Burrus, Cross Plains WI, April 2012

what: The first set of photos is of a spiderweb.  Both photos are of the same web and taken from the same point, but I used a different colored flash on each photo to make them tinted different colors.  Rule of thirds is used to position the web and the lines of the tree definitely lead in to force your eye to the web.  The second photo is my shadow taking a picture of wood with the blue tinted flash.  There aren’t really any “rules” used in this, I just thought the positioning of the pile of wood was pretty sick.  The final photo is of my friend Joe taking pictures of all of the graffiti.  I had to climb up this brick wall to get the downward look on him.  The photo has a dreamy quality which looks awesome.

why: These photos are documentary photos if anything.  There isn’t really a story behind them, but they’re good documents of the hills of Cross Plains.  I think the photo that most tells a story is the one of Joe and the room of graffiti.  I think all graffiti is storytelling and showing all of it, and how it’s all just condensed into this one little area is really telling of Cross Plains.  Even while taking the pictures I was saying how there isn’t any graffiti in CP, it seemed like all the little delinquents of the area just go and tag up this one small building where no one can see it.

how: These photos were taken with a disposable camera.  To get the color tint on the photos, I took nail polish and put a few coats over the flash so it would flash the color.  I took some photos in the complete dark so that the flash would be more prominent, but I have a feeling the guy at Walgreens who developed these saw that they were completely tinted and fixed the colors when developing.  What a jerk…
Anyway, the dreamy quality of the photo of Joe was achieved by taking the end of a wrench and basically beating the lens of my camera with it.  On some of them I mixed water with salt and poured the mixture over the lens and let it dry so that crystals would form on the lens.  That didn’t really do much, and it was hard to get the crystals to form because the lens was extremely rounded.

links: This is a link to the photosets and a photo that gave me the idea for this project.


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