Twenty-second Post: Learned Something New

I took some photos with a disposable camera and because they were color I had to have them developed at Walgreens.  In doing this, I learned never to have my film developed by other people!  First of all, the cost is ridiculous.  It cost $10 for two cameras and then $25 to develop both rolls.  When I develop my own, it costs about $7 for the film and then my time to develop.  It’s no wonder people don’t use film anymore, it’s a ridiculous amount of money!  Also, when having Walgreens develop, you don’t get all the pictures.  They don’t develop the photos that they think you won’t like.  So if they’re blurry or super tinted or anything, they’ll either try to fix them (and in turn mess them up) or just not develop them.  This is great if you’re taking pictures of your vacation and only want good pictures developed, but for someone like me, it really sucks.  Even if you ask them to develop all the pictures, they usually only develop the “good” ones.  How disappointing…


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