Twenty-third Post: Contemporary Influences

who / where / when: Ian Robertson, Toronto City Transit, 2011.

what: I feel like there isn’t really one main focal point of this photo.  You get the rule of thirds of the chairs (which would be the focal point if anything) but it isn’t super grabbing.  Overall the photo is really neat, and the colors definitely add to the feel of the photo.

why:  Looking at this photo you definitely get the feel of city transit.  The seats are always a weird color that looks dirty, there’s always newspaper and crap all over the floor, and people don’t really attempt to sit near one another.  I think the reason this photo was taken was to depict the ride of the photographer, or how he feels about city busses.  It doesn’t look really nice or busy, just kind of dirty and boring.  Even though the boombox to the right is large, my eye is more drawn just to the line of seats and the middle of the bus.  It’s definitely the same type of feel you get on a normal bus.

how: This photo was taken with a disposable camera.

links: Here is a link to the photo and a link to the photographer’s flickr.


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