Twenty-fifth Post: Personal Work

who / where / when: Audree Burrus, Wisconsin, 2012

what: I took a photo of my vintage suitcase for the theme “I believe” (finishing that sentence with ‘traveling’).  I didn’t really follow any rules in this photo because none of them really worked with the shot.  The contrast in this one is really great though, which I like.  Normally I would find the background in this one distracting, but the light came out and illuminated just the suitcase, so the background is very dark in contrast to the suitcase.  I also really like the birch tree the suitcase is leaning up against.  The difference in texture I think really adds, and it makes it look more like a candid type shot rather than something I totally set up.

why: I think this photo tells a story.  You get the old-timey feeling from the vintage suitcase and the big hat and of course the fact that it’s in black and white.  Looking at it, I get the feeling someone is setting out on a trip via train and just decided to snap a photo before leaving.  It gives you kind of a spontaneous feeling that someone just decided to leave and just wanted a remembrance of that moment.  It definitely gives a great feel of “I believe in traveling” for the reason of spontaneity.  I also didn’t put too much in the suitcase to add to that feel of just getting up and going.

how: This was an easy shot to take.  It was a super sunny day out and I didn’t need a tripod.  I just set up the suitcase in my backyard, found a pleasing angle, and shot it.


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